Make a Note – in ink! Lock July 13th on your schedule!

Our first postcard mailing was sent out on June 29 to 200 national EAA members within striking distance who are not on our email list .. The invitation isn’t restricted to EAA members – we’d like anyone who has an interest in aircraft building or flying or watching to join us. EAA has a big tent. Bring a friend.

It’s probably not a bad idea to bring a folding chair to July’s meeting/gathering as we expect to have a great crowd – also sitting down makes it easier to eat. There will be a couple of grilling sites and we’ll ring a bell when we’re ready to start the organized proceedings. We like to keep our meetings short and our conversations (airplane talk, mostly) as long as we want. The museum displays are there for your viewing; restrooms and kitchen are also available, courtesy of the WNC Air Museum. There is no charge but, of course, we – and they -appreciate your support.

Our program this month is the one we looked forward to in June, but had to be cut short due to a lack of audio/visual connectors – Keith Plemmons’ Skyote biplane project. After four years of full time learning and building, Keith is closing in on what experienced builders call, with a sigh, the last 95% of the job: Finishing the details. It’s like being third in line at the grocery store behind me (I always pick the slowest line behind someone with a shoebox full of coupons). Keith’s presentation is sure to be an interesting tour of an unusually demanding airplane building experience. Our new A/V equipment, owned and operated by the chapter, ensures we will have top-notch gear to use for our meetings/gatherings as well as an occasional movie night.

We’re all looking forward to a great late afternoon/evening and look forward to seeing you there!

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