Parking for tonight’s meeting

We’re anticipating a great turnout for tonight’s meeting and will have more vehicles than usual. The area between Mark’s and my hangar and Jeff Moore’s will be available for cars – Mark may be flying up to about 6:15 so we need to keep our side open that long … we may need some help situating cars to allow for exit .. also will use the apron next to, but not in frontĀ of, Jon Smith’s side of his and Jeff’s hangar as Jon expects to be doing some flying. When he’s finished we can put some cars there, too.
The aprons of the row of T hangars that belong to the museum might be available on both sides – we have to look at that. If the grass is wet, we will have to avoid the low lying areas as it’s very easy to bog down and make ruts that are hard to repair. Stay high. Check for any markings.

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