3D Printing – an Introduction

Members Mike Cola, Jon Smith and Jerry Marstall have been toiling away in their home workshops and have come up with some really nifty gadgets for their airplanes and homes. Here is Mike’s introduction. If you’d like more information on 3D printing, drop a note via our email group and they’ll be glad to share.

Mike Gave us a few links to resources. Here they are:

Search the EAA website for videos and articles on 3D Printing … there is a Dec 9, 2015 webinar on the subject.

matterhackers.com is an excellent resource for information on 3D Printing and for shopping for printers, filament, and parts.

All3DP is a magazine and website full of helpful articles on 3D Printing

“Maker’s Muse” and “Teaching Tech” are YouTube channels dedicated to 3D Printing

Getting Better Prints (Google it) is a good guide to troubleshooting parts once you get started.

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