Looking Ahead to Our October 2021 Meet-up

After our great September gathering garnered so much interest in 3D Printing, October is looking like another hit …. We’re meeting again at the Western North Carolina Air Museum in Hendersonville on Tuesday, October 12. Food is available for the princely sum of $5 fresh off the grills by 5:30 or you can bring your own. The menu is Angus burgers, brats, Italian sausage and, maybe, Beefalo if we can get it. Please bring a side dish for yourself and to share ..

We’re returning to a topic that is strictly aviation with a program by member Ricky Brown on the local Air Traffic Control environment. Ricky is a Full Performance Level Air Traffic Controller at Asheville and a pilot, and he sees the system from both sides of the radar display. It promises to be an informative and entertaining evening. Thanks to member Jerry Marstall for suggesting and setting up this event.

We’ve learned that our founding president’s Marquart Charger is for sale at the Marion airport. “Red” Hunnicutt completed the airplane in 1992 and enjoyed it until he sold it in 2016. For more information contact me at eaachapter1016@gmail.com.

Warren Hunnicutt’s Charger, just after it was completed in 1992. The Charger has always had great reviews by those who have flown the type and, most recently, a Charger won Grand Champion Homebuilt at the AAA Fly-In at Blakesburg, Iowa, over the Labor Day weekend.

Looking forward to the 12th … in the meantime:

Stay well, Build Strong and Light, Fly safe


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