November Dinner Meeting Recap

What a great night we had! FOOD! There was great home cooked food and a lot of it! About 40ish of us had all we could handle plus some … I don’t know about you, but I had my Thanksgiving dinner plus a LOT .. and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Thanks to our cooks who provided a wonderful meal – Anina wants some recipes (me too).

Thanks to all who pitched in to set up and clean up afterward. There wasn’t much food left, that was for sure!

The Timber Tiger ST-L fits very nicely in my hangar with Mark Cigal’s RV-8, don’t you think?

Thanks to Brooks Mershon for bringing the Timber Tiger ST-L for us to admire and for delivering an informative program on the design, construction and flight testing. That is a sporty airplane and we wish them good luck in their ongoing development and for deliveries of many, many kits.

Thanks to Leo Dringoli for giving the Glastar a home with his Corby Starlet while the ST-L was here

Thanks to Gary and Jan Garner for sharing Gary’s adventures over the past couple of years and for their many contributions to the chapter. Your spirit is a vital part of our community of friends … we love you.

Thanks to our friends at the Western North Carolina Air Museum who provide us with a wonderful meeting place. We try to leave more supplies than we use – recent additions have been propane for their grills, utensils and paper products. They reciprocate by simply being there for visitors and friends alike and by seeking out new projects to bring our aviation heritage before the public – we’re thankful for that.

Jerry Marstall went away a big raffle winner with a pair of Bose Bluetooth sunglasses – a $250 value!

Congratulations again to Ricky Brown for gaining his tailwheel endorsement .. John Leupp at the Flying Few Airfield in SC is getting a steady flow of students from our part of the world.

That’s it for now .. Stay tuned for details of our December get- together …

News Flash! November 2021 Meeting Program!

Our November 9th meeting will be an especially memorable one! Member of 1016 and Founder of our newest EAA Chapter (1662) at Marion’s Shiflet Field – Brooks Mershon – will be bringing the Timber Tiger Ryan ST-L to the Western North Carolina Air Museum at Hendersonville!

The Timber Tiger Ryan ST-L over Marion NC … somehow Brooks managed to convince the company to locate the demonstrator in the Southeast for access to fly-ins and events in the warmer part of the Country.

The ST-L is a 95% replica of the Ryan ST that captured the imagination of so many pilots in the 1930s and 40s and is available in kit form! Brooks said this morning that six kits have been ordered since Oshkosh which is a pretty good launch. He’ll have a lot of information at the meeting.

Be sure to RSVP for your turkey dinner! Despite the foretold shortage of T-birds we’ve found enough to meet the early responders .. get your reservation in as soon as you can!