Happy New Year! 2022!

We had some great weather through Christmas and New Year’s Day – temperatures were good for flying or hanging around the airport. Our Fairweather Flyers group even ventured to lunch at the 8NC9 hangar! That’ll likely be the last time until spring as a cold front came barreling through during the wee hours this morning sending temperatures down from the 50s at midnight to the low 30s by early morning, winds at AVL were in the 30-40kt range gusting to 51kts when I checked at 0430 with freezing rain turning to snow. Thankfully, the ground is warm enough and, as I write this in mid afternoon, the snow is going away. There will be nice days ahead for fixing and flying but I’m afraid winter is with us.

Tim Higgins is well underway with work on the wings of his RV-12 and Jerry Tice found an RV-7 empennage kit on Barnstormers to keep himself busy over the winter. Bill Kemper brought a beautiful CTLS down from the Boston area and has it hangared at Hendersonville. It seems work is moving forward on all fronts and it’s a good time to visit other members and their projects. Pick up the phone! You never know when an extra set of hands might come in -well- handy. Our Technical Counselors are going to be busy!

For our airplane owners and builders, this is also a great time of year to spend a little time reviewing maintenance and registration records to make sure all is in order for the flying season ahead.

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