Two New Projects! March is Marching in Quick Time!

Not rain, not snow, not standing water shall deter our builders and flyers and fixers from their appointed tasks …

Leo captured the serenity of Lake Johnson at the approach end of Runway 15 at 8NC9. This scene of gentle breezes and water lapping at the shore comes to us courtesy of beavers that dam up the drainage streams (and no one will do anything about it).

In the space of a week, two new projects! First, Sid trucked his Aerolite 103 in from Oklahoma with his son, Lee.

Sid, at the end of several days of driving across the country. Note how well the Aerolite 103 was secured to the 20-foot U-Haul …
There were hands a-plenty to help with unloading but Sid wanted to be sure so we waited for Matt to arrive …
Matt, in the foreground, is a strapping fellow, able to curl an Aerolite 103 one-handed. Sid’s son, Lee, in the black T shirt, is a big guy too and a lot of help.
Finally, the crew .. Leo, Lee, Penny, Sid and Tim.

The breakfast report today: Sid says his Aerolite is assembled and awaiting a good looking-over by an A&P. Taxi tests coming up and then the commission of lift when good and ready.

Then Brian and Steve bring home Brian’s dream machine – a composite project Europa, which Brian will configure as a tricycle gear airplane. The Europa is a sleek, efficient design that was originally configured as a taildragger with a single wheel set in the fuselage and pogo-stick outriggers at the wingtips. Pilots reported it “challenging” and insurance losses dismayed many carriers, but with a tricycle gear, it’s a sweet flying machine. Look it up!

The Europa bits and pieces fit nicely in the truck
There’s Brian, securing everything for the trip.
And Steve .. with all those pieces that will eventually come together in the shape of an airplane. He says Brian should be finished with it by June … 20XX

It’s great to have all this builder activity in our area .. thanks to all who contribute and all who lend a hand. Our technical counselors are going to be pretty busy!

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