A G R E A T May ’22 Meeting!

Jerry Marstall, Aviator, Raconteur

What a perfect ending to a perfect flying day! Our program at the May meeting of EAA 1016 was a recounting of Sun n Fun as never seen before … from cow pasture camping to alligators, rain and, yes, airplanes … Sun n Fun was, indeed a fun fest for all who attended. Jerry and his wife, Nancy, have been going to SnF for many years and decided at some point to pitch in as volunteers. This year, SnF awarded them their 15-year pins!

33 of our members and friends showed up to enjoy their Bring Your Own food to cook on the grills at the Western North Carolina Air Museum. At this time of year we can start early, have a good reunion recounting our adventures, maybe get a tip on a project, enjoy an informative/entertaining program and be off for home while it’s still daylight. This time, past president Greig Hillman and the President of one of EAA’s newest chapters, Brooks Mershon and his wife, Taylor, of EAA 1662 at Marion NC, flew in for the festivities .. Brooks in his Pitts (with the food) and Taylor with Greig in Greig’s Citabria.

Recounting adventures, here in the mountains we’ve had our own brand of excitement … the sun actually came out a few times and the air was filled with flying machines of all sorts. One of our intrepid birdmen journeyed to his native England for a birthday to remember, flying a DeHavilland Tiger Moth!

The jaunty Pilot Officer Jennings, his cuppa tea, Winston approving
Simon’s trusty steed for a day of flitting about the English countryside

Not one to rest on his laurels, our intrepid aviator and his friend and Federal Agent, Ricky Brown, launched for Wilmington NC and proceeded to meld wind, water, lift and drag to earn their seaplane ratings!

The river traffic gave way for the Gentlemen of Adventure in their quest for the rating
And Lady Luck held for Simon and Ricky to add Seaplane to their resumé

Congratulations to you both!

During the meeting we heard from Krafton Locke, who says his ailerons, flaps and elevators are finished on his Sling kit .. what a spiffy looking airplane from South Africa .. Tim Higgins is about to close his second wing on his RV-12 and says the fuselage kit should be crated and on its way very soon. That’s very good news for Tim as Nancy has plans for him when he runs out of airplane things to do! Past president Michael Doornbos is back working on his Zenith 750 Cruzer and projects completion in ……………

A great evening with friends and food, good weather and good conversation. What more could anyone want?

‘Til next time:

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