July 2022 Meeting Recap

Hello EAAer!

We had a great turnout for the FAA FAAST Team presentation on the 12th .. 42 members and guests were at the Western North Carolina Air Museum in Hendersonville to hear Paul Meyer and Mike Moran from the Charlotte FSDO discuss operations at non-tower controlled fields, the increase in drone operations both locally and nationwide and a general Q&A … there just wasn’t enough time to cover all the topics that we wanted but it was an informative meeting and we and they learned.

It was good to meet some people we haven’t seen before .. I hope our very informal approach to gatherings works for you and that we’ll see you again.

Thanks to Keith Plemmons again for fronting the costs involved with producing our chapter logo patches .. they look great and are available directly from Keith and at the meetings.

Our next meeting will be August 9th when we’ll hear about some new discoveries in airfoil technology from Shane Parreco and a colleague who work with, among others, NASA .. their work echoes (to me, at least) the innovative work by aerodynamicist John Roncz whose credits include Scaled Composites’ Voyager, the sail design for an America’s Cup winner, and Steve Fossett’s Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer. It’s a fascinating subject in this day and age of energy efficiency. 

Post your project news and please do take advantage of your technical counselors .. 

All the best …


Build Strong and Light, Fly Safely