August meeting

Currently on the “agenda” for the August “meeting” on the 9th at 7 PM is:

  • Earnest will do a talk on his incident and experience with auto gas. Several other pilots in the group have had “incidents” with auto gas and we will be discussing what to look out for.
  • Ed will show off the modifications he’s making to his Zenith 750 fuel tank design.
  • We will do a short update on the October B-17 Visit plans (Next B-17 Meeting is at the Lacy building at 7pm on August 11th)
  • Hoping to get a short report from those who made it to Oshkosh
  • Michael will do a short rundown of Solidworks (new EAA “benefit”)
  • We’re hoping to welcome a few new members.

We will have a board meeting at the Circle K barbecue place across the street at 6 PM. All members are invited.