May Meeting

We’ll meet on Tuesday May 8th at 7pm at the Lacy Building. A few things things on the agenda so far:

  • Our new partnership with CAP and how we can make it even better
  • Keeping track of members, following up with new members, and doing a better job of having interesting conversations online and offline.
  • Move to
  • Update on the Aviation complex at AVL
  • Two member check rides
  • June AirFare plans
  • Anderson Air Show Plans
  • Young Eagles update and plans for more outreach at schools
  • Chapter info sheet (to have something to hand out to new members)
  • EAA Chapter leadership boot camp hosting

As usual we’ll have our informal dinner at Circle B BBQ across the street at 6pm. This part is optional. I’ll try to be at the Lacy Building at 6:45pm to open the door.