August 2018 Meeting

This months meet will be a carbon copy of last month and the month before;

  • Arrive around 6ish August 14th
  • bring a side, your own meat/main dish and drinks.
  • Grills, cutlery, napkins and plates will be provided.

Weather permitting it would be great to see some planes in the air.

Friends and family are welcome!

If you are bringing an aircraft feel free to park next to the taxiway leading to the museum or closer if you can find a spot.


June 2018 Meeting

We’ll be switching from our regularly scheduled meeting at the Lacy building to having a “cookout” at Anthony and Jon’s hangar at 0A7.

Time is 6ish on June 12th.

Please bring a side to share and your own meat/main food and your own drinks. Most folks just bring themselves a few burgers or hot dogs.

We will have a grill available and some plates, plastic cultary and napkins.

Also bring yourself a lawn chair since we tend to run out of them 🙂

If you’re REALLY cool you can bring your airplane.

You get extra credit for bringing family/friends.


Goodbye Yahoo Groups

Just want to give everyone a heads up. We will talk more about this at tomorrow’s meeting, but we’re migrating away from Yahoo groups to a service at Yahoo! Groups has long been a frustrating experience for most of us, and it’s time for change. provides us a modern group interface and mailing list, and they have an automatic migration from Yahoo groups.

Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.


May Meeting

We’ll meet on Tuesday May 8th at 7pm at the Lacy Building. A few things things on the agenda so far:

  • Our new partnership with CAP and how we can make it even better
  • Keeping track of members, following up with new members, and doing a better job of having interesting conversations online and offline.
  • Move to
  • Update on the Aviation complex at AVL
  • Two member check rides
  • June AirFare plans
  • Anderson Air Show Plans
  • Young Eagles update and plans for more outreach at schools
  • Chapter info sheet (to have something to hand out to new members)
  • EAA Chapter leadership boot camp hosting

As usual we’ll have our informal dinner at Circle B BBQ across the street at 6pm. This part is optional. I’ll try to be at the Lacy Building at 6:45pm to open the door.