If you’re flying in for the EAA Leadership Bootcamp, we’ve got a couple tips for you:

  1. KAVL is a smaller class C airport with one runway. We’ve been on a temporary runway for a few years as the main runway is being rebuilt, but the temporary is still 7001′ x 100′. This makes it only slightly confusing as the construction has taxiways closed from time to time. Be sure to check NOTAMS.
  2. The charts have two listed Approach frequencies depending on the location you are approaching. In practice, most local pilots use 124.65 regardless of your location. They will answer you on either frequency. Don’t sweat it.
  3. The local EAA Chapter (1016) will make sure ATC is aware you’re flying in for the event. The controllers here are excellent and very helpful.
  4. The local mountains make it difficult for you to be seen on radar below 5000 feet to the east and west of the airport. There is a fair amount of commercial traffic at the airport.
  5. Tell the tower/ground controller you’re headed for the EAA Bootcamp at Civil Air Patrol.
  6. Please contact the chapter president, Michael Doornbos if you have any local questions. and 828-450-7418.
  7. Since the Airport is a class C, there is tight security. You’ll need to be escorted by someone with a badge while on the ramp. Several EAA Chapter members will be present, and the Civil Air Patrol will also send a few people for support.
  8. There IS self-serve fuel on the field. It’s on the far North Ramp. Please remember that you need to talk to ground on 121.9 to taxi onto Taxiway Alpha when going over there.

Local attractions:

  1. Biltmore Estate
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway
  3. Mt Mitchell