James 140

The 1947 Cessna was the first aircraft I owned, and I got my Private Pilot in it in 1979. My wife and I dated in it and I brought it from Houston Texas we came to NC. We came as volunteers with our adventure program, SOAR, for children with Learning Disabilities. I have flown more LD Youth in this aircraft than any other plane in history (over 1000 youth and growing.)

On our Honeymoon in 1985 Jana and I flew her Coast to Coast, Wilmington, NC out to Santa Monica, California and back. LD and ADHD students helped me restore it and overhaul the engine before the trip. Average speed was about 105 MPH and we flew over the Rockies twice. Interesting enough we had a tailwind most of the way to California and back giving us 115 to 130 mph average ground speed. Most of the trip was pilotage since the Nav/Com was old not very trustworthy.

I traded the 140 for a 1946 Stinson, and owned a Tailwind-Cougar 0320. I missed her so I bought the Cessna 140 back last year in Kansas City, Missouri after a complete ground up restoration (first picture). Jon Smith flew N back to her old hanger 24A at Jackson County Airport (last picture.) Thank you Jon. Wheel landing are best, but I can 3 point her as well all be it more challenging. Because she was so economical on the trip back, Jon called her a “very cheap date.”

She now has a climb prop and with the 90 HP Continental option (most have 85 HP Cont.) and she does well in the mountains. She is one of the lightest Cessna 140 I know of. Every one that sees her loves the original Cessna paint scheme, new interior and detailed engine. As Jon said she draws a crowd.