Jerry’s Q2 Quickie

The 2-seater Quickie was introduced late in 1980, I received mine in March 1981 (first flew in June 1997).

The original kit with everything (including Revmaster VW engine and instrumentation) except battery and paint sold for a whopping $10,000.

Specs:  (in sales literature)

Length                               19’7”

Wingspan                         16’8”

Total wing area               67SqFt

Empty Wt.                        475lbs (understated)

Gross Wt.                         1000lbs

Fuel Capacity                   20 gallons

Stall speed (pwr off)      64mph

Max speed                       180mph (not with a VW engine)

Cruise speed @ 75%                     170mph (overstated. In ballpark of 135-145mph)

Service ceiling                  15,000msl (never happen)

In early 1984, I upgraded the engine to a Continental O-200 and the Q2 became the Q200.  Tricycle configuration became the TriQ-200.

Q200 Spec changes:

Empty weight                  700+

Gross weight                    1300lbs

Max speed                       220mph – I know of one that flew 230mph straight and level on an O-200

Cruise speed @ 75%      170-190mph TAS (depending upon configuration)

Service Ceiling                 21,000msl (I’ve heard of one reaching 17,500msl – not me)

My TriQ-200 has the following:

First flew with the Revmaster VW for 299.6hrs (emergency landing at Bowling Green, KY) Opted to replace VW with custom built O-200.

9.4:1 compression, ported, polished and balanced; dual electronic ignition (Electroair); 4 into 1 stainless, ceramic coated exhaust; plenum; dual side control sticks, dual rudder pedals, Dynon D-100 glass, fuel management, AOA, 2-axis autopilot, 2-axis electric trim, manually adjustable rudder trim; ADSB in/out; Ifly GPS; cushy Temperform seats (which weigh a ton – built for speed-not); 5 gallon aux fuel tank, (range 575-600sm).  Not as nimble as an RV but still a kick in the pants to fly.

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