Last night’s meeting

Good turnout last night in spite of the weather.

For those that missed it, we voted on the following board members for 2019:

Greig Hillman – Vice President
Simon Jennings – Board member at large

So the board for 2019 is:

President: Michael Doornbos
Vice President: Greig Hillman
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Mike Gaffney
Board members at large: Simon Jennings, Mark Cigal

Tech Advisor: Keith Plemmons

October 2018 Meeting

This months meet will be a carbon copy of last month and the month before;

  • Arrive around 5:30ish Oct 8th
  • bring a side, your own meat/main dish and drinks.
  • Grills, cutlery, napkins and plates will be provided.

Weather permitting it would be great to see some planes in the air.

Friends and family are welcome!

If you are bringing an aircraft feel free to park next to the taxiway leading to the museum or closer if you can find a spot.